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Category : Women

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Product Features : 1. The Product is 100% Human Hair Natural Ladies Wig. 2. The Structure is completely Natural. 3. Easy to Handle for Baldness. Choose your own Hair style. 4. Hair is Smooth, Silk and Shiny to enhance the beauty of wearer. 5. You can Quickly and Easily Add Length, Volume and Texture. 6. Light Weight and Easy to Attach. No pain & No Side Effect. 7. Tangle free, No Fade, No Shedding. 8. All Hair goes in one direction, so it remains Naturally Soft and Silky. 9. Excellent Hair Quality & Looks totally Amazing. 10. The Hair maintain it by Shampoo & Conditioning, using a Leave on conditioner is also recommended. 11. Light – Weight and Ventilated for Comfort 12. Extremely Secure - Will Fit your Exactly 13. Durable & Gentle

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